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Resume Optimization

1Recruit International continues to engage, grow and help.


It is important for Clients to understand how and why their Resumes need to be optimized as recruitment processes continue to evolve. 

Find and Engage Sourcing Technologies


Recruitment is now driven by technology, the digital world, data

science and Artificial Intelligence.  The age-old model of “Advertise

& Apply” has been superseded by “Find & Engage”. 


For Hiring Managers and Recruiters, the focus is on “finding”

candidates using digital technology and ATS systems and delve into

online candidate’s pools to shortlist “best fit” candidates.  Therefore,

you Resume must be optimized to ensure you are “found”. 

Then the engagement process can begin for that role …


Candidate Screening and Sourcing

Due to the very high volume of applications per role, Recruiters and Hiring Managers utilize recruitment software and applicant tracking systems to increase the efficiency of their recruitment processes and improve their hiring processes.   ATS Systems and technologies such as Linked In automate candidate screening processes based on matched criteria through keyword search.   Artificial Intelligence Systems saves time, removes human bias and delivers candidate matches.


These emerging technologies ensure an acceleration of the shortlisting process but have created significant efficiencies for Users.  Therefore, candidates must be “Recruitment Ready” and as a Global Executive Recruiter, 1Recruit now offers Job Seekers resume optimization services to ensure they become “matched” and “competitive” to roles globally or nationally.

So How Can We Help?

Our Resumes have been developed to comply with SEO and Keyword Optimization, are Industry Relative, Recruitment Ready and Quality Assured.  They keep you ahead of your competition and increase your chances of landing that interview and dream job!  


  • Designed to World Standards

  • Recruitment Scored to capture Recruiters Interest

  • Professional and Relevant

  • Highlight your strengths and minimize your career gaps.


Optimization Fees

This fee includes the following:

  • An Optimized Resume that meets SEO Indexing, is Industry Relative, Recruitment Ready and Quality Assured.

  • A Resume that is Recruitment Scored to capture Recruiters Interest and is design to World Standard

  • A Resume Review if resume reviewed within a 2-year period at 50% of the published rate.

  • A Personal Brand On-Line Presence – Optimized LinkedIn Profile

  • Information Sheets on:

  • Cover Letters

    • Interview Techniques in Home Country

    • Interview Techniques as an Expatriate

    • Panel Interview Techniques

    • Global Job Boards – Top 3 Job Boards by Country

    • How to Manage and What to Ask Recruiters

    • How to Target and Communicate Directly with Prospective Employers

If you wish to proceed with resume optimization services, please contact us below or email to and attach your current resume so we are able to provide a quotation.  Thank you!

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