COVID-19 Update and Global Expatriate Recruitment

COVID-19 Update and Global Expatriate Recruitment

COVID-19 Update and Global Expatriate Recruitment

  • 5 Jul 2021
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Global Expatriate Recruitment

Following the announcement by the WHO that COVID-19 is a Pandemic, the world has changed, and we all are encountering significant change. Governments, sporting and business communities are taking unprecedented steps including the closure of borders, crowd free sporting events, travel suspension and periods of isolation.  Whilst we understand the need to take these critical steps, the economic fall-out globally may be significant.

The 1Recruit team will continue to work remotely with minimal impact to our range of services and have restricted staff travel.  In our 20 years of operations, we have lived through numerous economic and medical crisis including the GFC, SARS and MERS.  We therefore have experience in managing and maintaining a level of calmness for our clients and candidates in the face of growing uncertainty.

So … what does all of this mean to expatriate recruitment …

The expatriate recruitment markets are very much in a “look and watch” space and are more reactive, than proactive as this is a “World and Industry First to this scale”.  As countries continue to close all borders and impose 7 or 14-day self-isolation periods, the effects economically, socially and financially to companies in the short to medium term will be significant.  Many governments and central banks are continuing sizeable stimulus packages to ward off a national or international global recession … so we must remain hopeful. However, many are now allowing movement of market forces to dictate the government’s natural stimulus.

We are now seeing in mid 2021, an uplift in expatriate recruitment as vaccination programs roll out and the world begins to live with COVID.  Interviews are currently all virtual, whether in-country or not, and priority for filling of roles is being given to those incountry, in the GCC Region or mobilisation from countries with very low COVID rates.

Clients are continuing to offer flexible working arrangements, from remote working to distancing in the workspace or in some cases, complete closedowns on a 2-week rotational basis. This applies to current staff and, in some cases, to new hires dependent on the urgency and scope of the role.

​For expatriate recruitment, canddiates are requiring candidates to be fully vaccinated before roles can be uptaken with some countries having preferences for Vaccine brands (so be aware of this), especiallly in the Middle East.   

We would like to remind you of our ability to provide assistance through our Resume Optimization Service sin case you need to upgrade your resume to be recruitment ready.  For further information, please visit our website for further information. 

Our team is ready and willing to support you and we are happy to support you and provide transparent guidance as you need.  Keep safe and well everyone and lets all hope the COVID-19 Curve bodes the results we all seek. 

From us all at 1Recruit, please keef safe and wel!


Bronwyn Wiskens

CEO – Global Projects

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